Enchanted Celebrates Four Years in Business!

Anniversaries are a time for reflection and my heart is filled with gratitude. Launching Enchanted Dream Productions has been most challenging and fulfilling adventure of my life. I’ve been driven far outside my comfort zone by my passion to help support small, creative businesses in our local community. Enchanted has recently just exploded with growth. Our last few events were filled to capacity and our June and July events are almost sold out as well. As a result, we are looking forward to larger spaces, new partnerships and bigger events! There’s nothing we can’t do if we keep our minds and imaginations open.

I want to take a moment to say thank you for the countless hours and outpouring of support from fellow colleagues within the wedding and event industry over the years. I have made so many cherished friends and business associates who have continuously stood by me during the up hill climb. Our network of highly recommended professionals is comprised of individiduals who recognize that growing a new business is a team effort that doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve been fortunate enough to surround myself with positive, encouraging and generous people who have helped lay the foundation. There is unyielding strength in solid teamwork. There’s nothing like seeing a gorgeous event executed by our combined talent and collaboration. Our vendors are absolutely amazing!

Anyone who knows me understands how sentimental I am. There are so many moments where I’ve been heading home from one of our kids festivals and found myself bursting into happy tears, because we inspired children to keep believing in magic. It wasn’t in the cards for my hubby and I to have our own, so I really enjoy bringing happiness to other families. Brides frequently tell me how much they appreciate our intimate, elegant Bridal fairs and they come back time and time again, up until a month out from their weddings. My intention when I started the Bridal fairs was to provide a one on one focused environment, where couples were not overwhelmed by a sea of people. Personally, I’ve found crowded trade shows to be exhausting. Rows and rows of endless people pushing materials on concrete floors under fluorescent lights is not my idea of inspiration. Our unique monthly events bring joy and relaxation to the planning process with beautiful decor and affordable options. Our preferred venues have been so gracious. They are flexible in allowing trusted members of our team to gain referrals by providing choices to potential clients. They know they can count on us to support them with pre and post marketing and producing quality events valley wide.

I’m so proud. This is my dream come true. There is so much potential on the horizon with future opportunities. Thank you so very much to each and everyone of you who has been part of the journey. Thank you for celebrating four years with us this Summer. I am truly blessed. 

 -Angela Hetherington, CEO

Please visit our website for upcoming events and resources for venues and vendors at Enchanted Dream Productions! We are always open to new members. Contact us anytime for more information at enchanteddreamproductions@gmail.com.